Majamoo info


martikainen.jpgMajamoo is a Finnish design company that produces timeless quality tableware and accessories for everyday use. Products include items made from birch plywood and, among others, the patented Kitastick Linking Chopsticks. Most products are made in the company factory located in Nummela, Finland.

Majamoo has developed a unique Seamless Wood Technology that enables the manufacture of compressed cylindrical plywood products. These can be moulded into various shapes and sizes. This technology is applied, for example, in the production of Pot Stand, Desk Tidy, and Cutlery Holder, and has resulted in completely seamless, durable products. In terms of structure, the products are solid and lightweight.

Kitastick are unique chopsticks that can be used just like regular chopsticks or linked together for easy use. The patented interlocking design is particularly helpful for the inexperienced chopstick user. 


Designer (MA) Jani Martikainen states: "Our motto is to combine functional design with innovative, high quality materials."


Products are available in selected shops worldwide.

Majamoo Ltd.